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May Is Mental Health Month

Mental health is an important and crucial element to your well-being that sometimes gets overlooked. We are often taught how to take care of our bodies but what about our minds? This is what controls all of the functions in our bodies, tells us when to eat, when to sleep, and releases all the hormones that keep us happy, motivated, and operating in a healthy way. 

If your body is able to get out of bed physically but your mind is causing you stress, anxiety, and lack of motivation, what health are you really in? Mental illness can be much more than what we normally consider big diagnoses such as ADHD or Bipolar. It can be as simple as social anxiety or as common as depression and hoarding. According to, 1 in 5 adults have a mental health condition. The good news is the stigma associated with mental illness is decreasing and the resources surrouding it are increasing! If you or someone you kow would like to find some resources, check out:

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