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Bio-One Cleans Walls

Author: Travis Nichols

We often get calls to clean walls, particularly those with nicotine stains. In addition to cleaning the walls and ceilings, we can seal them, remove carpets, and provide an ozone treatment to remove odors from smoking. This past week, our crew was called out to Caldwell, Idaho to clean the walls of 2 bathrooms at a retail location. We disinfected and deep-cleaned the surfaces, so that the owners of the business could repaint. Check out the before and after pictures below to see what a difference our proprietary chemicals can make on even the toughest grime.

The show had various events and competitions throughout the day, such as "Maintenance Mania," a competition where those on the maintenance staff at the apartment communities competed to see who could complete household repairs the fastest. There was also a soapbox car race between the maintenance staff with cars that were manufactured only from maintenance supplies. While the maintenance crews had plenty of competition to keep them entertained, the property managers appreciated several educational seminars. At the end of the day, we raffled off a $50 gift card to Amazon among everyone who stopped by the booth. Congratulations to our winner, Ken Palmer from LC Communities!

bio one cleans walls

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