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Bio-One Backs The Blue Winner Announced

Author: Travis Nichols

In our last newsletter, we announced that Bio-One would be supporting law enforcement in a way that no other crime and trauma cleaning company ever has. Since then, representatives from our 65 offices around the country have been visiting police stations, associations and sheriff’s offices to encourage our sworn officers to nominate those injured in the line of duty for a chance to be awarded their very own Bio-One Franchise (valued at over $70,000)!

Let’s consider for a moment, the hard work and sacrifice of those who answer the call to duty. They do so to serve and protect us, oftentimes complete strangers. Yet their love for America and commitment to their communities compel them to risk their lives every day for our sake. They keep our streets, homes and families safe and maintain order, so we have the freedom to pursue our dreams without fear. We are extremely grateful for everything they do for us.

That’s what Bio-One Backs The Blue is all about – showing our appreciation to police. And today, Bio-One Founder, Nick-Anthony Zamucen, announced the winner. Play the video below to see which former officer has been awarded a Bio-One Franchise! Click on the image to visit the site!

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